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Safe Driving Tips

National Ute & Truck Rentals, Sydney regularly inspects and maintains our Trucks and Utes. Here are our Safe Driving Tips for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. safe drive

Check Your Posture

When you hop into one of our vehicles you should adjust the seat to suit you. This enables you to drive the Ute or Truck safely. Always put your seatbelt on to ensure your safety, no matter what distance you are travelling. If you are spending the day moving house, you want to make sure your seat is in the right position as this helps prevent fatigue.

Braking Technique

You should take your time when braking and apply light pressure onto the pedal to start slowing down and then gradually increase the pressure to bring the Ute or Truck to a stop. Slamming on the brakes is not advisable, as you could suddenly skid and lose control, particularly in challenging weather or road conditions. However, our vehicles are generally heavier than what you are used to and you should be careful as you adjust to handling a Truck or Ute.

Steering Method

No matter which steering technique you prefer, you should ensure it’s smooth. Don’t forget you could be carrying up to 3 tonnes, so you should approach turns slowly. Drop your speed before turning and when you start to straighten up then you can begin accelerating. This ensures smooth driving, keeping you safer on Sydney’s roads.

Spatial Awareness

Be aware of your surroundings and be mindful that the vehicle may be bigger than you are used to. Map out your route and consider any bridges or other obstacles you may encounter. When parking at your property or destination, gauge the car port as it may not fit. Look out for tree branches that your standard car would normally miss. Due to the height of the Truck or the height of the load in the Ute, you may need to take extra precautions to avoid hitting anything overhead.

Exercise Caution in Poor Weather

You should take extra care no matter what the weather condition is. It’s particularly important to slow down if you are driving in the rain, hail, fog or other weather types that can impair your driving. Check the forecast as you may need to keep some extra time in some cases. Turn your headlights on when required and drive with caution.

Passenger Capacity

Our Utes can seat 1 passenger whilst our Trucks permit 2. Bear this in mind when booking a vehicle as it is illegal to exceed this amount. If you have extra helpers on hand, arrange for alternative transport if there is not enough room in the Ute or Truck. Ensure passengers wear their seatbelts and never allow anyone to ride at the back.

Plan Ahead

Consider what time of day you will be driving. You may need to allow extra time if you are travelling at peak hour. Take extra care when driving at sunrise or sunset as the sunlight can be tricky at these times. Try and avoid these timings if possible, otherwise take extra care.

Follow Road Rules

Follow the road rules, adhere to speed limits and be courteous to other drivers. Follow Safe driving tips for a hassle-free driving experience. Call 02 9439 9810 to Hire a Ute or Truck