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Seven Hills Utes & Trucks for Hire

At National Ute & Truck Rentals Seven Hills we offer great deals so that you can move furniture, equipment or appliances. We cater to standard driver’s license holders that are over the age of 21. Our Utes & Trucks are ideal for house relocations and small office moves. Call 02 8039 6196  seven hills Book now

Utes for Rent

We have Utes for hire that can transport up to 1 tonne. Our Utes are fitted with an open top cage to maximise carrying capacity. Utes can be rented out to suit a range of timeframes including 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, all day, overnight and weekend hire. Insurance is included in our hiring rates.

Trucks for Rent

Rent our 3-tonne Trucks to transport heavy furniture and other household items. They have a substantial capacity and are completely enclosed to provide the total protection for your furniture and appliances. We maintain cleanliness and high standards for all our Utes & Trucks. You don’t need a special license to drive our Trucks and your standard driver’s license will suffice.  Our Rental Trucks are equipped with hydraulic lifters.

Storing your Belongings

When you choose National Ute & Truck Rentals Seven Hills, you can benefit from our partnership with National Storage. There are local secure storage units to meet your short or long term needs. With monthly payment options you can cancel your lease any time. Personal pin codes, individual alarm systems and CCTV surveillance are just some of the ways your belongings are kept secure.

Packing Equipment and Materials

We have trolleys available for hire as well as packing materials for purchase. You can buy individual products or save when you buy in bulk.   Call 02 8039 6196 to Hire a Ute or Truck