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About Us

Our Mission

At National Ute and Truck Rentals, our Mission is to deliver high-performance Utes and Trucks for a reliable, comfortable and a pleasurable move. We strive to exceed customer expectations and to provide cost- efficient service. We aim to be the leading Ute and Truck Rentals company in Sydney. Great Performance. Greater Service. Sydneywide.
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Our Company

We started our journey 10 years ago in Sydney. We are a group of individuals who are serious about our business. One of the reasons why we started this company is because we identify with the hassle it takes to move things from one place to another. It is not just you who is moving. Your entire household shifts with you. Hiring a Mover can be expensive. This is where we come in. We have superior, automated, power steering Ute and Truck that you can Hire from us. We maintain highest standard of hygiene for all our vehicles. All our automobiles are clean. At National Ute and Truck Rentals, we have a team of experienced, well trained and trustworthy employees. Our staff will render every assistance you need. Do you want to Hire a Ute or Truck? Let us know! Call 02 8039 6196.

Hire Our Ute and Truck in Sydney

We rent 1 Tonne Utes and 3 Tonne Trucks. Our 1 Tonne Ute is capable of carrying small furniture, remove waste materials and garden material. Our 3 Tonne Truck is ideal for carrying furniture, materials and objects suitable for a 3 to 4 bedroom residence or a small office.

Requirements to drive our Ute or Truck

Wondering about the Ute or Truck driving requirements? We have made it easy for you. All our Utes and Trucks can be driven with a standard car license. Following the road rules and our instructions on Safe Driving will make your driving safe and secure.  We provide our service all over Sydney with 12 pickup locations. Pick the location that is nearest to you.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have 12 pickup locations
  • We have a fleet of well maintained and clean Utes and Trucks
  • Convenient 2 hour, 3 hour and 4 hour timeframe options to rent our vehicles. We also have full day rentals and weekend rental options.
  • Our vehicles are easy to drive and can be driven with a standard Car license
  • Insurance is covered in our rental rates
  • We also provide storage options. We work in partnership with National Storage.

Meet Our Partner

To provide a superior service, we have partnered with National Storage company. You are assured to get high-quality removal boxes and a world-class storage system.

Need Help?

Come to National Ute and Truck Rentals and hire our reliable Utes and Trucks. Call 02 8039 6196 or book online.